ILO-BFC and MoLVT join effort to promote a safe and healthy working environment

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ILO-BFC and the MoLVT releasing balloons together

Hundreds of people wearing white T-shirts, caps and holding banners with occupational safety and health messages paraded through the Svey Rieng Special Economic Zone on 5 May 2015 to mark the World Day for Occupational Safety and Health (OSH).

There was also a comedy show to send an educational message on occupational safety and health.

“Joining in building a culture of preventing on OSH” is the theme of this year’s Occupational Safety and Health Day. ILO’s Better Factories Cambodia programme in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, organized this event to create wider awareness of the dimensions and consequences of the work-related accidents and diseases.

Addressing in front of representatives of the government, employers, trade unions and hundreds of workers factories, Ms. Esther Germans, Programmes Manager of Better Factories Cambodia (BFC), said OSH is an issue that the ILO take very seriously and she urges a continuous support from the government through Ministry of Labour, trade unions, factories, workers to deal with this issue.

“We watch this issue closely in order to ensure that every workplace is a safe place where workers do not risk their health or lives,” she said, adding that “I invite the tripartite constituents to commit to work together to make this a reality.”


More than 1,500 people in Cambodia die each year as a result of work-related accidents, an average of four persons per day. A data from the Department of Occupational Safety & Health showed that work-related accidents and dead rate and financial costs were increased from one year to another. Garment and footwear sector is the most risky sector among other manufacturing sectors.

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Approtimately 1500 workers participating in the OSH day

Labor Minister Ith Sam Heng said that this is an important issue and the biggest burden for the MoLVT, employer, workers and relevant institutions. The MoLVT will try to work with its partners to solve this problem.

“MoLVT will continue its effort and enhance implementation of law and legal regulations, strengthen policy implementation and national strategy and create and strengthen an effective conciliation with NGOs, partners and institutions as well as all stakeholder to protect and prevent this risk and work-related accidents in garment enterprises.”

This is a joint effort between ILO-BFC and the MoLVT on a celebration of the World Day for Occupational Safety and Health (OSH). This year’s event was closed and symbolized with balloons release from all high delegations from the ILO-BFC and the MoLVT.

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