Cambodian Labour Law App

Labour-Law-App-FlyerBetter Factories Cambodia has created a mobile application to bring the Cambodian Labour Law to the fingertips of students, academics, factory management, unions and others who work in the industry.

The application, which can be downloaded for free on any Android and iPhone smart phones, provides an interactive and searchable version of BFC’s Guide to the Labour Law. The app is available in English, Chinese and Khmer.

In addition to the Cambodia Labour Law, the app also allows users to calculate the correct maternity benefit that should be provided. It also features a range of photos documenting both good and bad practices. Users can also test their knowledge with a labour law quiz provided in the app. Those who work in the industry can also find a link to a calendar that lists trainings conducted by BFC.

Partially funded by Adidas, the Labour Law app can be downloaded under the name Cambodian Labour Law Guide, Better Factories Cambodia or similar combinations.

By making the labour law readily available and digestible for those working in the industry, it is envisaged that this application can increase knowledge of key areas of the law and help to increase compliance in the industry.

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