We believe that providing management and workers the opportunity to learn together and from each other builds the kind of mutual trust and understanding that promotes and accelerates change. Our training initiatives, built on a foundation of workplace cooperation, provide practical tools for implementing factory improvements.

BFC’s training programs focus on building good management systems for sustainable self-improvement within each factory. We leverage cooperation between management and workers to improve working conditions. Price list: Pricing for bundled services – advisory, training & assessment services 2017 and Training Schedule 2017.These trainings include:

Customized Training

In special cases, customized training not covered by other training options is needed to meet the unique needs of factories. We work with factories seeking this specialized training to select from a menu of topics to create a training program …

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Human Resource Management Systems

Efficient and effective human resource systems play a critical role in establishing an equitable work environment. We work with HR managers and staff to strengthen knowledge of human resource systems so that they can find practical solutions to managing HR …

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Senior Managers Skills Training

To ensure senior managers have access to training that helps them do their jobs better and fits within their tight schedules, we adapted the Supervisors Skills training and developed a shorter, condensed version that involves two intensive days of coursework …

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Single Issue Training

Factories face a range of specific challenges that demand focused attention. BFC’s single issue courses, covering one or two days, address this need. Single issue training seminars include:

Child labor prevention: This seminar helps prevent the recruitment of under-age workers …

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Supervisors Skills Training

In this training, participants gain an in-depth understanding of important leadership and supervision concepts, and are equipped with the skills to be firm, fair and effective leaders and supervisors. Participants are also trained in positive feedback and other alternatives to …

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Workers Factory-Based Training

Garment factory workers in this training learn their rights and responsibilities in the workplace and how to be their own best advocates in pushing for a safe, clean and equitable work environment. We developed a set of training materials designed …

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