Supervisors Skills Training

In this training, participants gain an in-depth understanding of important leadership and supervision concepts, and are equipped with the skills to be firm, fair and effective leaders and supervisors. Participants are also trained in positive feedback and other alternatives to authoritarian leadership styles, and in striking a fair balance between the interests of the company and those of the employee.

The training has proven successful in enhancing leadership knowledge and changing behaviors. Independent evaluations of this training revealed that activities practiced in class translated into significant improvements in staff motivation and morale, as well as increased efficiency, on the factory floor.

This training also aims to address the local skills shortage. Because many factories are owned by foreign companies, many of the supervisory staff members are expatriates from countries such as China, Singapore and Bangladesh. Workplace misunderstandings caused by cultural differences are common. This training focuses on bolstering skills of the first generation of Cambodian supervisors in order to strengthen communication and increase problem solving in the industry.
Training Schedule 2017
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