Workers Factory-Based Training

Garment factory workers in this training learn their rights and responsibilities in the workplace and how to be their own best advocates in pushing for a safe, clean and equitable work environment. We developed a set of training materials designed to reach and help empower the core demographic of factory workers, who are mostly female. This training uses comic books and eight episodes of soap opera style videos starring well-known Cambodian actors who impart key messages on topics that include:

  • Handling grievances
  • Dispute resolution and legal strike procedures
  • Stealing
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Working mothers and breastfeeding
  • Under-age workers
  • Overtime
  • Life skills

Workers Training brochure
Teaser of ‘At the Factory Gates’ soap opera
Price list: Pricing for bundled services – advisory, training & assessment services 2017 & Training Schedule 2017

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