Single Issue Training

Factories face a range of specific challenges that demand focused attention. BFC’s single issue courses, covering one or two days, address this need. Single issue training seminars include:

  • Child labor prevention: This seminar helps prevent the recruitment of under-age workers by providing practical skills to help HR personnel assess job applicants and ensure potential employees are above the legal working age of 15 years old. We give advice on how to conduct visual assessments to determine approximate age, scrutinize documents with an eye toward detecting falsified or incomplete records, and interview applicants to help verify ages.
  • Trade union: The proliferation of unions in the garment industry creates a need for helping union representatives understand the broader picture of the garment sector and their roles and responsibilities within it. We work with trade union and worker representatives to build mutual trust and understanding with factory managers. This training also helps the factory’s Performance Improvement Consultative Committees (PICC), comprising workers and management, address complaints and disputes in a productive and proactive manner.
  • Labor law: We work with employers and worker representatives in this training to review the full scope and background of Cambodia’s labor law and help participants gain skills in a range of areas, including how to differentiate types of employment contracts, calculating salaries, collective bargaining and labor dispute resolution skills.
  • Managing across cultures: Cambodia’s factories often employ Chinese, Korean and other international supervisors, making cross-cultural communication an integral element in establishing a positive working environment. This training is aimed at managers, supervisors, union leaders and workers representatives to improve understanding of differences between cultures, with an emphasis on helping participants become more culturally sensitive and aware.
  • Gender Awareness: An estimated 90 per cent of garment workers are female. This training focuses on helping participants adopt a basic appreciation of gender awareness issues within their enterprise and within Cambodian culture. Topics include defining gender, gender equality and discrimination, gender roles, and promoting a gender-sensitive enterprise.
  • Human Resource Management and Working Conditions: We help workers and managers form a deeper appreciation of the importance of an integrated HR management system that ensures working conditions are fair and equitable for all employees. We emphasize a structured approach to hiring and inducting workers as an essential element to maintaining a skilled workforce, understanding organizational culture and non-discriminatory employment practices, transparent discipline and dismissal procedures, and promoting fair and equitable reward systems that motivate workers to do their best.
  • Induction kit training: To ensure new employees don’t miss out on important information that protects them, we developed an Induction Training Kit that guides factory trainers or Human Resource managers in how to train and orient new employees on basic rights and responsibilities in the workplace. The kit includes a short video, a comic book with simple messages and a trainer’s manual. We also provide regular Training of the Trainers (ToT) seminars to help factory trainers make effective use of the Induction Training Kit. The video and comic book are intended to supplement the factory’s own internal policies and procedures in orienting their new workers.
  • Negotiation Skills: This training is designed for factory managers and union representatives and encourages participants to learn to work together to solve their issues and make improvements in a systematic and well-planned approach. Negotiation is a core skill that, if applied correctly and is built on trust, can lead to strengthened relationships in factories, improving workplace cooperation.
  • Occupational Safety and Health: This course helps participants recognize the significance of OSH in factory management. The training guides participants in how to improve safety and health within factories to meet national and international standards. A series of practical activities help participants understand the benefits of safety and health within the enterprise. We also offer low-cost suggestions for improving working conditions and increasing productivity.

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