Advisory Services

Resolving complex workplace issues requires patience, skills, and in some cases, expert guidance. BFC’s one-year Advisory Services fills this need by providing an individualized approach to helping factories respond to issues identified in assessment reports. BFC provides support to help enterprises start and stay on a path of ongoing improvement.

Following an assessment, BFC assigns an advisor to work directly with factories to develop a plan for the factory to implement improvements. We start with helping factories create a Performance Improvement Consultative Committee (PICC), a joint management-worker committee specifically tasked with developing and implementing a factory improvement plan.

Advisors work intensively with each factory in the Advisory Services program, visiting the factory approximately nine times per year. Support includes in-person meetings and coaching sessions, followed by phone and e-mail support and advice. Following review and consultation with the PICC, our advisory staff updates buyers on the proactive steps factories are taking towards improvement through progress reports issued twice a year.

Performance Improvement Consultative Committee (PICC)
Recognizing the need for factory-level cooperation among managers and workers, we help factories establish a PICC. These committees, made up of eight to ten people representing an equal number of managers and workers, meet regularly to discuss labor issues. Developing action plans around specific compliance challenges and conducting regular meetings to collectively brainstorm solutions and implement changes are integral to the success of the factories in reducing labor violations and developing productive worker-management relations.

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If any buyers want to do shadow visit when our staff conduct advisory services, follow this protocol.

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