Better Work

BFC’s unique model spawned similar programs in other parts of the world where opportunities exist to leverage trade to promote good working conditions and social and economic development. Using its own independent workplace assessments as a baseline, Better Work provides advisory and training services to help factory managers and workers develop and implement an improvement plan.

Replicating and building on BFC’s experience, the ILO launched the global Better Work program in 2008 to help factories in Vietnam, Jordan, Haiti, Lesotho, Nicaragua and Indonesia increase market competitiveness in the garment sector by improving conditions for workers.

Guided by the same principles and designed using the BFC model, Better Work also uses unannounced factory visits to determine whether factories are complying with national and international labor standards. Assessment reports provide guidance for factories to improve, while Training and Advisory Services ensure factories have the support they need to succeed in improving factory conditions.

Together with the Better Work program, Better Factories Cambodia aims to promote fair globalization that works for all.

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