1- What is the Advisory Service?

Advisory Service is a one-year life cycle service which is tailored to address the real needs of individual factories. The main objective of this service is to work closely with each factory to address non-compliance issues as outlined in the last monitoring report. The service also encompasses advice in other areas such as occupational safety and hazard, human resource management, and workplace cooperation at the factory level. The broader goal of Advisory Services is to ensure factories start and stay on a self-sustaining path of improvement. To facilitate the improvement process, a joint management-worker committee (PICC) is established within factories participating in Advisory Services to work with BFC’s factory advisors.

2- What is PICC (Performance Improvement Consultative Committee)?

PICC is a joint management and workers committee comprising up to 10 members with equal representation from both management and workers. It’s key function is to drive changes in the factory by developing and implementing improvement action plans. The committee engenders good workplace cooperation through better communication and fosters a culture of driving changes at workplace.

3- When can I start to join Advisory Service?

The Advisory Service can be started at any time during the year.

4- Who can join the program?

This service is specifically designed for garment and footwear factories.

5- How much does a factory need to pay?

The fee is charged depending on the total number of employees, you employ. Please check our website for updated information as the fee schedule changes at the beginning of each calendar year.

6- What is the different between Advisory & Training?

TRAINING is not the same as ADVISORY.

TRAINING involves one or two-day sessions covering specific themes are issues. BFC does NOT conduct follow-up visits or provide additional support at the factory level following trainings. The main goal is to provide knowledge and skills for participants to bring back to their workplace and apply toward improving conditions.

ADVISORY SERVICE is a ONE YEAR consultative service. BFC factory advisors will work closely with individual factories to respond to their needs and support the factories as they implement improvement plans. Additionally, BFC will provide capacity building to PICC through short coaching sessions and practical experience at the factory level. The main goal is to ensure a culture of continuous improvement and sustainability at the factory level. For more information please refer to question 1 above.

7- How does Advisory Service life cycle work?

Below is the step to guide you to work with us under advisory service for one full year cycle:

  • Registration
  • MoU sign and payment
  • Introductory meeting with management
  • Forming the Performance Improvement Consultative Committee (PICC)
  • Introductory meeting with workers
  • Preliminary needs assessment
  • Develop improvement plans
  • Implement changes and follow up visits
  • Ongoing support by BFC factory advisors on the improvement plans
  • First progress report
  • Ongoing support by BFC factory advisors on the improvement plans
  • Second progress report
  • Conclude advisory services
  • Re-engage in the next year of advisory service if needed
8- How does the factory benefit from this program?
  • Improved industrial relations with your workers through the PICC that builds efficiency into the process of implementing changes as part of future improvement initiatives.
  • Tips and good practices that provide practical guidance for improvement, as well as ongoing advice from BFC factory advisors.
  • Increased capacity for your workers in approaching problems with mutual understanding and the interpersonal skills to navigate disputes and tensions in the workplace.
  • Free on-call consultation for factories seeking immediate advice on compliance or improvement- related issues.
  • On site access to relevant advice, practical experiences, policies and guidelines, and short training courses provided at your facility.
  • Two progress reports that describe your commitments and improvements that can be used to generate support or orders from current or prospective buyers.

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