Both enterprises and buyers may register to receive services from Better Factories Cambodia.Enterprises register to receive assessments, training and advisory services.Buyers register to receive information about their suppliers. (Please note that information is shared with buyers only after authorization is provided by the enterprise.)


If you are an international buyer sourcing from Cambodia and would like to sign up to our report subscription service, please:

  1. Complete the Application for Subscription Form and return it to us at
  2. Forward the Third Party Access Form to your suppliers in Cambodia so that they can sign to grant you access to their assessment and progress reports.

Please see our report price list here: Report Subscriptions 


Garment Factories
If you are a garment factory and are interested in our assessment services, please:

  1. Complete the Supplier Registration Form and
  2. Review and sign the Memorandum of Understanding and return both forms to us at

Footwear Factories
If you are a footwear factory and are interested in our assessment and advisory services, please:

Please see our monitoring price list here:  Monitoring Services


To register for a training course, please complete the Training Registration Form and return it to us at

Please see our training price list here: Training Schedule 2017 vs Pricing for Advisory,Training & Assessment Services 2017

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