What We Do

We monitor factories, train management and workers, and provide guidance and advice on factory improvements that help enterprises preserve profits while respecting workers’ rights.

BFC uses an integrated approach combining monitoring with training and advisory services so that factories can get the information and tools they need to make meaningful, sustainable change. We use a comprehensive monitoring checklist, based on national and international labor standards, to measure conditions during unannounced factory visits, and we follow up with detailed reports that highlight areas where working conditions fall short of labor standards. These reports offer specific suggestions for improvement in areas including freedom of association, employee contracts, wages and benefits, working hours and occupational safety and health (OSH).

To further support factories, BFC provides Good Practice sheets and trainings on topics such as OSH, supervisory and managerial skills training, and negotiating skills. Our year-long Advisory Services program helps factories make improvements by providing continuous guidance as they develop and implement action plans to help them achieve improvement goals. BFC factory advisors also help factories establish a Performance Improvement Consultative Committee, which is a joint management-worker committee tasked with developing and implementing improvement plans.

Throughout our work, we harness the power of cooperation between management and workers to address complicated workplace challenges.

Advisory Services

Resolving complex workplace issues requires patience, skills, and in some cases, expert guidance. BFC’s one-year Advisory Services fills this need by providing an individualized approach to helping factories respond to issues identified in assessment reports. BFC provides support to help …

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BFC’s monitoring activities are the backbone of our work and a springboard for the rest of BFC’s programs. All export garment factories in Cambodia must agree to be monitored by BFC in order to receive an export license. As Cambodia’s …

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BFC recognizes that in a quickly evolving global market, high quality and timely research guides growth and helps us respond quickly to the immediate needs of the people and institutions we serve. BFC supports rigorous research that informs stakeholders about …

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Social Change Initiatives

We maximize our impact through worker-focused initiatives that strengthen the skills and capacity of workers, which can lead to improved efficiency, productivity and worker satisfaction.

Experts by Experience: As …

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We believe that providing management and workers the opportunity to learn together and from each other builds the kind of mutual trust and understanding that promotes and accelerates change. Our training initiatives, built on a foundation of workplace cooperation, provide …

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