About Us

Better Factories Cambodia ( BFC ) emerged from the belief that decent working conditions can spark market competitiveness, create a thriving society and build a vibrant economy.

Since 2001, BFC has pioneered a project aimed at lifting Cambodians out of poverty by facilitating competitive advantages for the nation’s biggest formal employer, the garment sector. Our rigorous monitoring and reporting have earned us international recognition as a neutral, independent assessor of factories, guided by the idea that improving working conditions engenders economic benefits and progress for everyone.

Social dialogue is a cornerstone of our efforts. This means we work hard every day to bring together government, unions and employers to collectively address workplace challenges that help factories start and stay on a path of progress.

Our work has increased accountability among factories to comply with national and international labor standards…Established a culture of social dialogue as a tool to strengthen industrial relations…Empowered workers to know and understand their rights…Helped reduce poverty and increase employment opportunities by supporting strategies that help the economy grow while respecting workers’ rights.

“The monitoring scheme of the ILO’s Better Factories Cambodia is a world class system that helps buyers trust Cambodia as a source for garments. I have received many requests from other countries to come and learn from our experience here. The government will continue to lend full support to this project and develop more mechanisms for dialogue with the unions and GMAC.” H.E. Cham Prasidh, Senior Minister and Minister of Commerce

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