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BFC is committed to supporting the competitiveness of the Cambodian garment industry and helping to build the reputation of Cambodia as an ethical sourcing destination. 

BFC’s return to its earlier practice of publicly disclosing factory-specific compliance information has these objectives:

  1. Build the Cambodian garment industry’s reputation for decent working conditions and keep pace with competing industries where disclosure of ILO factory compliance data will soon be the norm;
  2. Bolster enforcement efforts by the Royal Government of Cambodia;
  3. Spur significant changes in chronically non-compliant factories; and
  4. Accelerate improvements in working conditions on critical issues across the industry.

Transparency Database fact-sheet is available here.



In the first year of the programme, BFC has identified 21 critical issues against which all factories with two or more assessments are measured. Factories can request one BFC verification visit to confirm improvements before disclosure. Results are published here quarterly, and factories are able to post information about their performance. 

In the first year of the programme, factories with three or more BFC assessments will be measured against 52 legal requirements. Factories with the lowest compliance levels—those falling two standard deviations below the mean for compliance—are eligible for this second level of public disclosure. Results for this relatively small group of factories are based on assessments no older than 12 months and factories can request one BFC verification visit.

   Union Compliance

Information about unions, including strikes and their compliance with legal requirements, is disclosed for those factories included in each report.