Critical Issues Introduction

  • These pages show compliance on the 21 critical issues listed below, and are based on factories' most recent assessment (since 1 Oct 2013).
  • Results are published here quarterly and factories are able to post information about their performance on the website.
  • Full descriptions of the issues and legal references are available here.
Factory List
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Fundamental RightsNo unremediated child labour
Fundamental RightsNo forced labour (Freedom of movement)
Fundamental RightsNo discrimination against workers
Fundamental RightsNo dismissal of pregnant workers
Fundamental RightsNo dismissal of workers during maternity leave
Fundamental RightsNo sexual harassment
Fundamental RightsEqual pay for men and women
Fundamental RightsNo discrimination against workers based on union membership
Fundamental RightsWorkers join and form unions freely
Fundamental RightsNo control of union by employer
Fundamental RightsJob is not dependent on union membership
Fundamental RightsNo management interference with union
Fundamental RightsWorkers are free not to join union
OSH/EmergencyRegular emergency evacuation drills (every 6 months)
OSH/EmergencyEmergency exit doors are unlocked during working hours
OSH/EmergencyEmergency exit doors are sufficient
OSH/EmergencyDangerous machine parts have safety guards (not needle guards)
OSH/EmergencyClean and sufficient drinking water
WagesCorrectly paid minimum wages
WagesCorrectly paid overtime wages (ordinary overtime hours)
ContractsBonuses, allowances, leaves count entire employment period